Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Dawning Campaign Arc

Spring Dawning is my new campaign arc I will be throwing at my players in the next month or so. It will be a Heroic tier adventure that will probably take them into Paragon and eventually Epic.

Story Arc for Spring Dawning: Following the adventures exploits in Silverleaf on the shores of Lake Wintermist they travel south down the Winter River until it meets up with the Nentier River and eventually come to rest at the town of Fallcrest. There they rest up and tell tales of their adventures with the lycanthropes and the trip into the Fey Wild.

One of the encounter maps from Spring Dawning
Word soon comes that lizard folk to the south are stirring up trouble and venturing far upstream of the Witchlight Fens and during the night they actually try and breach the south entrance into the town using unheard of tactics. Travelers from the east speak of similar attacks on the farmsteads, of cloaked figures in the distance spying the townsfolk and then the attacks come soon after that. There are even rumors there was a Dragon sighting with one of the attacks.

The attacks on the south wall were a distraction, Nimozaran, the towns self proclaimed “High Septarch of Fallcrest” was attacked, he is a alive but his book of rituals has gone missing. Some people think he fell down the stairs in the dark again and that he lost his ritual book, but he is quick with the tongue and quickly points out that these are not the spells he gives out to his guild members. These spells predate the Bloodspear war and some even go back to the days of the Nerath Empire.

Who would have known of this ritual book? What spells were in there that have Nimozaran so worried?

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