Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Here is a list of my Resolutions for 2011: I have a personal and a geek one. The personal still has some geekish wants but hey! Sue Me!

  • Buy my own place: Now my finances might not be that great but I should and can swing for a nice mobile home in Countryside or Justice IL. Justice has some nice ones for around 30k. Now I need to shop around for some advice on this.
  • Continue to Loose weight: I have lost 40lbs since August. I need to loose more weight. Time to get into a gym and work out. I will feel even better after that. Right now I am sleeping a lot better, no wait WAY BETTER. I do not envision running a marathon but loose another 50lbs will make me happy.
  • Get a part-time job: Perhaps trying to work at a movie theater or maybe Barnes & Noble or Borders? Dream would be to get serious about my gaming passion and do some writing for D&D. (see below)
  • Have More F U N: I see some of my friends once a month. I think we all need to see each other just a bit more. But I plan on spending some time at one of the game stores on Wed Nights this coming year playing Dungeons and Dragons Encounters. This will really make me happy I am sure.
  • Get Published: I always have these ideas in my head for D&D and more and I keep saying I want to write semi-professionally (lets face it I am not a novelist, I do not think) and it would count as some supplemental income
  • The Geeks Dream: Find the right girl. Nuff Said. 
  • More Skool? I love art, I need to reignite that passion. I have been looking at the digital art front and I so want a digital tablet. We get good deals on them from work so I see myself getting one and starting some work on that front.
I also have a gaming geek list of things I want done.

  • Play More Games: Last year I got upset for how little we got together and played games. This year we got together more but we also goofed around more and played less.
  • Last year was the year of saying Yes, This is the year of saying No (Speak My Mind). I had a problem with telling some people no when we played games. That made me hate what I was playing. This year I will put my foot down and tell people No. It is all implications from telling people to shut up to no you can not have that item. To no we are not eating Rock Bottom Brewery while in Indianapolis.
  • Learn New Games: I am very short sighted when it comes to some games. I criticize others for only wanting to play games they own, but I hold back myself if I just "think" a game is going to suck. Case in point I thought the game Last Night on Earth would be a crap game. Played it and wow it was a great zombie game.
  • Stick with one campaign: One of the game designers who's blog I read called it e:GADD gaming attention deficit disorder. I have it. When I was running Star Wars last year I kept thinking about running D&D or any other myriad of games. I know there are many game campaigns I have locked away in my head but some of them might just be to rekindle the past and it might end up being crap. So I am sticking with D&D and anything else will be little one-shot campaigns.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Post

I have nothing important to say at the moment but my list for New Years will be appearing soon.

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