Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The seeds of Spring Dawning

I am liking Pymaper a lot. It saves me time with digging through all of my tiles to make the maps I need for my games. Since I am in this kick to be "prepared" for my games now I thought it would be best to find tools that would help me along those lines.

I thought I would show off another encounter maps I am going to use at the beginning of the adventure for Spring Dawning. These encounters will take place on the journey from Lake Wintermist to the town of Fallcrest. I just smiled because at some point my players are going to start thinking Fallcrest is like Tatooine from Star Wars in that the story seems to always go there, but they really can not say that because in two years of my Saga game they never once went anywhere near Tatooine.

Encounter 1.1
There is a group of treasure hunters who have been uncovering what they think is old Nerathi Empire ruins and soon find themselves in deeper trouble than they know whats good for them. Enter the adventurers and how they will get caught up in the events of Spring Dawning.

In Encounter 1.1 A Cry For Help; The uneventful trek from Lake Wintermist is spoiled by cry's for help. Captain Collar Rado of the riverboat they travel on has his boys make for the shore to lend assistance, this close to Fallcrest he wants to make sure he can offer assistance. The party finds a group of Kobold's harassing several humans, they are being toyed with but it does look like a few people are already hurt.

Encounter 1.2

In Encounter 1.2 Forgotten but no longer lost; The adventures must deal with the Kobold's and their boss a Dragonborn Elementalis, they seem to be digging through the tomb and the belongings of the treasure hunters.

QUEST: The Order will know what to do: The group is tasked with taking the surviving treasure hunters back to Fallcrest and deliver some scrolls to the Wizard who dwells in the tower there.

Things have been pretty active in the area as of late, the rumors that Emperor Magroth the First returned to the Vale as a Lich! His actions are rumored to open up a hole into the old hills that undead have been seem pouring out of. The undead are just the tip of the Thunderspire.

Magroths actions have set the entire Nentier Vale into chaos and the very darkness that was already slowly shrouding the world has a new ally who has decided that it is time she and her followers claim the world for themselves, what better treasure than the world itself. The key of all places to start is Fallcrest.

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