Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wish List for D&D 2011 and beyond

We have all seen the product catalog for the beginning of this year,  Some things I would like to see from Wizards of the Coast for the D&D line during the second half of this new year. Which mostly means with turn around time to make a lot of this for 2012

  • Miniatures Line:
    • Encounter Packs: This would help greatly for people who just want goblins or kobolds. I know it will not happen but this is a wishlist after all.
    • More Character Packs: I do not think this sold well but like most things WotC does they test something that has cool potential and then drop it like a hot potato.
  • Dungeon Tiles and Maps:
    • Cave Master Set: They made one for the Dungeon, City and Wilderness where are the caves?
    • More dungeon dressing tiles: It would be nice to have more chests and treasure piles to dot the dungeon.
    • Map Packs: The maps in the adventures are great but some people dislike using adventures. The ones they have placed in the Encounters modules are great along with the ones in the Essentials DM Kit and Monster Vault. Another company makes them, a lot of them. Heck don't I just hope Christopher West makes some more great maps for D&D.
  • Dragon and Dungeon Magazines:
    • More Essential Classes: If they are not going to make more books then they need to put classes into the digital mags.
    • More Crunch with all the fluff. More on Nerath.
    • Bigger adventures in Dungeon.
    • More encounters.

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