Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspired adventure design

So today on my blog reads I hit Robert J. Schwalb's Blog post about 10 changes to 4e that he would make if he could. One of them was changing of Tactical Encounters in adventure design, since it takes a lot of space when you factor in the format in published work, he elaborates more in the comments section with the new format that they should be pretty basic and the typical encounters should be reserved for the Big Boss fights.

I took that and ran with creating one for the first group of encounters for my Spring Dawning campaign.

I like this idea and it reminds me a bit of the old AD&D adventures with a sprinkling of the 4e concept with tactics and different things going on for the encounter. I plan of building one for the rest of my campaign especially one where there is a dungeon aspect with multiple rooms or locations on the map. This one has two with one leading into a third which I did not detail here. I just have the first part.

Edit: I updated the image with the locations of the kobold's I have not put the location for the humans and halflings just yet. This was a quick mockup to test how it would look for me I need to add in locations 2-3 and then continue from there with more fleshed out details since there is a small boss fight to introduce him to the players.

I am also toying with the ideas of location buff/debuffs like area blessings and protection spells to change things up a bit.

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