Saturday, August 31, 2013

GenCon 2013 (Part 2)

Would have posted sooner but I have been dealing with Con Crud that took the form of Bronchitis... Joy.

Day 2 [addition]

One of the things I love doing is finding miniatures for D&D. This year was a mix of both D&D Mini's and figures from the Pathfinder Battles game. I got a lot of player character models and that made me pretty happy. I am usually finding it hard to pick creature mini's I might use so it usually ends up being character heavy picks.

Day 3

We sat down to demo a new game coming out called Hegemonic. I dug it a lot because I understood the mechanics having played other games that had similar mechanics. My friends though not so much. I spent much of this day wandering around and taking pictures of things I saw that I liked and found interesting.

In all honesty I think the Demo could have been preformed better, the booth was small and they were trying to demo two games there. The guy who taught us was not the best at teaching the rules and he named examples from games my friends just never played. It was uncomfortable and my friends put on a good front.

I still want to get this game and play it, even if they will never play it. I can try it at Fair Game.

I had seen this on Friday, meant to take a picture but forgot to run back past it as I was late for something. Star Trek Attack Wing in large scale! It is a shame that they show off this game with beautiful models and then give us crap miniatures that Hero Clix players would use. No offense to the Clix players.

I walked through the D&D Play area quite a bit and snapped some pictures while I walked through there.

I saw Brian James playing Lords of Waterdeep and I believe that is Erik Scott de Bie, and for some reason on the left and cut off was Matt James but you can see his badge, trust me it is him and no I was not stalking I just happened upon this moment.

Then there is the Demon Queen of Spiders herself.

 The plaque at the base of Lolth's statue.

Baldur's Gate giant map.

The only thing I had planned for this day was the Q&A with R&D from WotC. On the pannel that day were Rodney Thompson, Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins. It was a full 2 hours of Q&A. There were a few people who missed 4e because of the power structures. A few still had not kept up with the packets. 

Even fewer still thought the goal of the game system was to allow a player with a 1e character and a 2e character and someone with a next character and play together at the same table. We got a lot of good info and I even asked a question about Backgrounds.

Pathfinder continues to have a strong presence at the convention. Good for them.

Fantasy Flight Games showed off more new Star Wars RPG and X-Wing Miniatures game models.

Saturday night came and we played the new Firefly boardgame.

I saw a table for Dungeon Command from Wizards of the Coast that had created 3d versions of some of the tiles. Pretty cool.

I got in a little DM prep for my D&D Next game
 Saw a cool game of Twilight Imperium from Fantasy Flight Games
 There were a lot of X-Wing games happening late into the night.

 Card Halla

At 3am the main entrance is empty.
I attended one more Q&A session with R&D with Wizards of the Coast on Sunday and that was it for my weekend at Gencon.

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