Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time in exile

So since April 1st post I have been pretty busy with work, during that month Best Buy (My Employer) announced they were going to be closing down 50 stores nationwide. I was selected by my team to travel to two of these stores and help them with the closedown process. It was 50+ hour work weeks and traveling between 80-100 miles a day but it got completed at the beginning of June.

I also got hurt while on the job getting tennis elbow from carrying all that heavy metal racking into the dumpsters. June had me back in the stores doing my usual work it was time to get back to playing games.

During this whole time gaming was at a minimum and it took a toll on me, playing games is my outlet for my depression and any other pent up frustrations I might have. I tried starting up a new D&D campaign with some new people and honestly I just was not feeling it, between work and the new people I was just not in the mood of acceptance. I did not want to start a new group.

So I tried to get the original store group together and honestly I feel I phoned that campaign in. I ran a decent adventure, March of the Phantom Brigade but it just did not feel right. That goodness the D&D Next open playtest started. I think this is what was dragging me down and making me feel like not running a D&D 4e game.

So far we have run two sessions of the game fighting the Kobold's and Cultists and the group is at 5 players: Dave, Rob, Jacob, Adam (Who played in my Star Wars short-lived campaign) and Dave's friend Keith. Everyone, including myself had fun this last session. I think we are looking forward to some more stuff to test. I am working on a session report and feedback from the group and will post it here probably.

Right now I am thinking about other games I would like to run.

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I am Regional Coordinator for the Great Lakes Region for D&D Adventurers League. Worked for Best Buy as a Project Team Specialist were I did store remodels, support Vendor displays and set merchandising standards for the stores in the Chicago market. He also enjoys playing games (PC, Console, Board Games, RPGs and Miniature Skirmish Games), reading, watching movies and listening to music.