Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Chapter means a new Character for me

So I am going on my fourth week of D&D Encounters at one of the many local stores in the Chicago area. The store is called Fair Game and is located in downtown Downers Grove. When I went to my first game I brought with me a tiefling Mage and a dwarf War-priest and chose the priest.

I am enjoying myself and it is fun with the kids playing, I have not asked their ages but they are definitely younger than I was when I started playing D&D around 1982 or 1983, I could be wrong though. Man those were the days, I remember walking home from this guy Bob's house after we played and it had snowed a lot and I was not ready for it. I had to walk like seven or eight blocks home in the snowy cold. Reminds me of the blizzard drive the other week.

Last week we had two groups of players and it just looks like it is going to keep getting bigger as the younger kids keep coming to play. We finished off chapter two's last encounter which means Chapter three begins this Wednesday. All the characters leveled up and a few of the players have new characters entering the game from Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms book.

I myself will be leaving my Dwarf Storm domain War-priest for my new Dragonborn Cavalier named Hesk Ar Ashn. I was torn with making a Hex Blade or a Scout but I think the Cavalier will be a good choice, I will be able to do a little bit of healing and as a Defender I will be able to really help the group out. I might bring a few other choices to the table depending on if we have multiple tables, it might be a chance to play that hex blade or scout.

What else is really cool is I just painted a mini from the Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends line. He is the Dragonman Warrior 03436 mini sculpted by B Jackson. This is my third mini I have painted since I started back as a player almost a month ago. I used to paint all the time back in the day but now I am really back into it. I still have my training wheels on when it comes to painting, like I do not know when it looks good and I keep fiddling with the paint job.

I might pick a few of these guys up just because they are good for Dragonborn and are definitely cheaper than buying some of the plastic ones from the D&D mini line. I have a cool mini I bought a long time ago that is carrying a chain weapon. He reminds me of this character from Giant Robo called Taiso.

In my home game the players have already fought this guy but without the chain. One of the players tried to pick pocket him and got caught.

I might follow that color pallet from the anime character for him. Would be interesting.

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