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Getting my players backgrounds is no small task: Part II

So being inspired I choose to continue today on more backgrounds. The ones I am working on right now I have talked with the players a bit with like Kevril in the previous post I had a lot more to work on with this character.

This is my friend Dennis' character and his background I came up with right away when he said why his character is the way he is. This was probably the easiest ones to come up with. I am thinking about the other six I need to do and there will be some challenges. So without further delay here is the Cavalier.

Redemption Seeker
I am an instrument of honor. I am he who seeks the weight to balance the scales.
Type: Campaign
Somewhere in your past, you behaved less than honorably. Perhaps it was a moment of ill-considered rage, a flirtation outside society’s boundaries, or maybe you took the blame for someone else’s lack of honor. Ever since, you have been striving to act impeccably and with such valor that you redeem yourself for the transgression in your past. What great event started your quest for redemption? Is there anyone trying to thwart your efforts? Have you given any thought to what will happen after you balance the scales of honor?
    Benefit: You add Diplomacy and Insight to your class skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy and Insight checks.

Priadin BackgroundYou were brought up in a family who worshiped Erathis, the god of civilization. She is the muse of great invention, founder of cities, and author of laws. Your mother saw you as a priest, your father a man of the sword and during the day you learned the teachings of the clergy at night you were taught the martial practices of the knighthood.This constant back and forth between your parent’s desires for your future eventually broke you and you strayed from the path of good and fell in with the darker side of town. You lost your old friends, but you felt you made new ones, how wrong you were. Nothing is stronger than the bond of friendship not the trappings one places on people that they fall in with to do evil deeds.Erathis was a name you had forgotten, but she hadn’t. The god’s rarely notice the happenings of man but when your worship is lost in a town they feel its loss. As your family suffered and you ignored their cries they drifted from Erathis. While not entirely planned by her, she with the help of the Raven Queen nudged a soul for you to send the Queens way. Your parents were devout followers who also strayed, with you out of the way and gone perhaps Erathis would have the towns devotion again.Your antics caused you to push your friends away and they also caused one to return, Priadin was one such friend from your youth. He was now a knight and a devoted follower of Bahamut, the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor. He had heard your actions had brought shame to his family and your town and he demanded you face justice.He attempts to apprehend you and a voice, your voice compels you to strike back. Your attack is sudden and swift, as he lay dying you do not see the man who had sought to bring you to justice, you saw the boy Priadin your friend, pleading for you to help him, crying that he was cold, that he was afraid. He tells you finally as you kneel over him crying as well, that deep down inside you, he knows you still have the spark of good in you.With the holy symbol of Bahamut in your hand you vow to seek redemption for your ways and take up the cause of your friend. His death was the result of your actions, today you will continue his life as you suddenly feel a resurgence of energy you have not felt since a child working to please your mother and father.As you ride off you do not see the figures standing on the road near where your friend lies buried. They got what they wanted, devotion and a soul. Someone else is near them and he got something as well, a warrior more powerful in spirit than the one he lost.

Thoughts on this background.
Dennis is the DM for our 3.5 adventure we have been playing for a few years. He was the one I had concerns with when it came to 4th edition. I wanted him to like it and perhaps run it? (hint hint) I fear that like Star Wars Saga edition I will be stuck as the sole DM.

Concerns aside one of the first things he asked prior to my first session was, "Are we going to keep these characters and actually play?" When I said yes he said "Good, I have this idea for my guy. I want him to have killed a guy who was trying to redeem him from his dark ways and in doing so he is brought back to the good and decides to become a cavalier in order to seek redemption.
Instant story!
I was hooked immediately and knew where I was going to take him but now how he got to where he was. Right up until the last portion of the background the characters name was Priadin and the man who comes to save him was his friend Lainadan (Elvish for Frank hehe) and suddenly I was like, HEY! What if after he kills Lainadan he takes his name, but wait his character name is Priadin. After doing some not so nifty cut and paste and word replacements the name change was done.

Deity Heavy?
Not really I wont be giving to much away to say that the gods might play a role in the future of the campaign which is called King Makers. They might not notice the day to day world of man but they do pay attention when one god or their pawns makes a move on the chess board they might not like.
I am going to keep it low key for now but they might run into some divine intervention from time to time on their adventures.

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