Monday, July 11, 2011

I do not hate it...

I do not hate being a Dungeon Master or a Game Master is you prefer. I have run games way more than I have played and sometimes I think that gives a buzz kill for being a player. I want to quote rules when I know they are wrong, I want to give loop holes in the rules to allow us to do some crazy things.

I am everything I hate about those kinds of players. Yet I still want to play something. I think it is why I do MMO's and why sometimes that is enough for me.

In some games I feel just like a player when I am running especially when I get into the NPC's I am running. I really hated the idea of Geoffrey in my current D&D campaign but I really like running him and with the addition of our new member of the group I can smell roleplaying potential.

In that vein I think I am hitting D&D saturation point. I am running D&D encounters on Wednesday Nights and I am running a D&D campaign on Saturdays. It is not DM burnout more like I have that itch to try something new that I am dying to run.

I have thought of Star Wars, but I have also thought of Mekton and the world of Jovian Chronicles.

I have people at my table that like anime and I think the game might go over well. I do not want to end D&D but I think I need a few weeks without it and I think running a quick campaign will go well with teaching them other game systems.

I would need some prep work so this is a few weeks off and still in the planning stages but I think I will run something completely different. I mean right now I am listening to Fire Bomber from Macross 7 so who knows Giant Aliens and Transforming robots?

I think I will save that to playing it with my friend Dennis as he wants to run a robotech/macross style game.

Jovian Chronicles will get my fix for giant robot and sci-fi combat and tell the stories I also like telling. As for playing? I will have to wait and see where it all takes me.

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