Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kobold Hall

The ruined hall known now as Kobold Hall is now vacant after it's long run as the home to various clans of Kobold's.

My Saturday afternoon group at Fair Game in Downers Grove, IL completed this sample adventure today out of the original 4th Edition Dungeon Masters Guide, to a resounding success. I currently have a group of six players which will parse down to five when our resident rouge moves to Pittsburgh in a few weeks. He will be missed.

I have hinted at the future for them, gave them a warning of the main villain (yes, the man in Red Armor) and have started them off on a modified version of the Slaying Stone. All of my players except for two come from Wednesday Night Encounters so I have come to expect certain things out of them, three of those four are in my actual group while the fourth is at what we call the kid table, (Which is not a bad thing it just happens to have all the kids under 14 there plus a few of the parents)

One our first session a few weeks ago we managed to get 3 encounters and a lot of roleplaying done in 5 hours. I was impressed. The second week we got in one encounter in 3 hours and I find that unacceptable. This week in 4 hours we got in 2 encounters with a tiny amount of roleplaying. Now the first encounter was a level 3 white dragon so yeah it will take a while but the second encounter was with the wolves in the beginning of Slaying Stone and that was resolved very quickly when the Bard forced a wolf into the raging river and he was swept away.

So I have six players, the first week I had four players, does that mean it gets slower with the more players you add? In some respects yes, but not with this group, we have a healer problem that will get worked out in the next session, I am going to make it work and get the slow parts ironed out. We have gone fast in the past we will go fast again soon.

I am going to add in a few more house rules into the game to speed things up on my end.

  • All Burst and Blast spells will only have one damage roll, if a spell crits one of the targets that is max damage and you still roll the rest (naturally). I just had this pointed out that it is naturally this way, duh! I do not know why it would have been any different.
  • Inherent Bonus': All character will start with them.
  • Mage Spell Book: During Exploration I will allow on the fly spell changes as long as he has the spell on his sheet it is there to use. This is mostly because of those Skill swap spells. It just makes some sense to me and is not a game breaker.
 I am going to be needing a new rogue to join the party soon, I really do not want to give them a companion character but it might turn out that way soon. The Players Option: Book of Shadow book is in my hands and one player already is using some of it in the campaign. Rob if you are reading this there will be some fun things to explore for you, especially now that I have your background written up.


  1. I just wrote a post about companion characters. There are plenty of good uses for them, most of them very deeply story based. A temporary companion character is a very memorable NPC.

    Area damage being a single roll is a core rule.

    I like the Mage Spell Book idea, its a good reward for the classic wizard.

    Good luck finding a new player and happy gaming!

  2. Thanks man, I learn something new everyday. :) the Area Damage seemed so natural to do that I do not know how I skipped that. I just felt if I am rolling to hit I roll damage.

    If 2e and 3.x it was a single roll and it was like that in Star Wars. Brain Fart.

    I will read your post.

  3. "when our resident rouge moves to Pittsburgh in a few weeks."

    Thanks for the mention, but "rouge" as in make-up red for facial markings. Or I think it should rogue. Thanks for being an amazing DM, you will definitely bring more people to DnD.

    Keep those dice rolling.

    P.S. I found another gamer store in Pittsburgh, so no worries.

  4. you will be missed. I have a feeling after tonight's encounters session we might see a person or two added to the game.


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